Accessible Anytime; Anywhere

As an optional module, store all business data and information in the cloud when you sign up MobiPOS Cloudsync. Access data while you are on the go, you could even add invoices/sales remotely using another iPad.

Staff Management

Setup role-based access control for each employee, limiting their access to certain sensitive information. With different login, their sales and commissions are tracked. Compensate your employees accordingly based on an accurate report and award them for the hours worked to maintain employee satisfaction.

Cost Effective POS

MobiPOS offers you fully functional features needed to operate a full-scale business at an affordable price. Subscribe to only what you need and the entire package is deemed inexpensive even after including add-ons.

User Friendly

MobiPOS interface is designed for dummies. Every function is straightforward and easy to implement. All operations are optimized to reduce keystroke needed, increasing the staff's performance and efficiency.

Multiple Terminal Practicality

Easily add extra stations or terminals which operate on devices namely iPad, iPhone, and iPod as an added convenience for customers and staff. This flexibility enhances the efficiency of taking orders all the way to order completion.

Always Up to Date

Have peace of mind knowing that the software upgrades and improves by time. With that, you are ensured that you get all the latest features and bug fixes, growing together with the community.

Table Management

Efficient table management plays a role in maintaining the flow in a restaurant. Customize the virtual table layout on MobiPOS to match your physical in-store layout for easy identification. With different timers and color status, handle customer turnover at a glance on the layout.

Simplified Customer Checkout Experience

Utilize an extra iOS device as a Customer Facing Display to improve customer experience. Customers can recheck their orders before making payment to minimize errors. It acts as a convenient second screen for customers to provide their signature when required.


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