Discount by percentage, price or preset discount. Apply it on product or bill.

Multiple Ordering Methods

Choose from category, favourites, quick key or item search.

Configure Menu Button Sizes

Configure different menu sizes to fit your pos system.

Easy Scanning

Scan barcodes, customer card, gift card using the iPad's built in rear/front facing camera.

Cash Till Denomination

Key in the number of coins you have and the system tells you the total.

Open Item

For custom orders that are not in menu.

Generate Invoice

Generate invoice, email to your customer or Airprint to supported printer.

One Click Checkout

No frills, quick checkout to speed up the queue.

Transfer Item

Easily transfer item to another bill.

Ordering Mode

Dine in, to go, quick serve, delivery & online ordering.

Weight Order

Key in the weight of the orders and deduct from inventory accordingly.

Combo Meal

Pair up groups of items and sell them in a bundle. Providing more value to customers.

Manage Order/Delay Printing

Hold certain orders but print to kitchen at a later date.

Custom Tax

Add extra surcharge during holiday, apply different type of tax to different bill.

CMS via Web

Easily manage/access data of your iPad using a computer in the same Wi-Fi network.


Refund previous bill or non linked refunds.

Theme Color

Customise each layout, function key and product item colour.

Bluetooth Scanner/Keyboard

Attach a bluetooth barcode scanner to ring up a product. Alternatively key in product code using bluetooth keyboard

Cash Till

Manage multiple shift across multiple device. Easily identify which till is short.

Works Totally Offline

All connections between devices are done within local area network. Having internet is optional.

Hold Bill/Send Order

Hold the bill and send orders to kitchen, recall later to add on orders or checkout.

Split Payments

Pay partially with cash or credit card.

Split Bill

Split by percentage, custom amount, seat or even a portion of the food.

Time Based Menu

Display only specific set of menu during defined hour of the day.


Optional, number of choice, unique selection, customise the order however you want it.

Pricing Level

Create item with multiple pricing. For example happy hour, peak hour and normal pricing level.

Variant Item

Easily create multiple variant sof item using attributes created. Perfect in retail situation where product comes in different colour and sizes.


Send orders based on course sequence to the kitchen printer.This allows the to chef prepare orders in sequence.

Reopen Bill

Reopen bill that was closed incorrectly and make necessary changes.

Collate Orders

Automatically collate identical orders to reduce the receipt length.

Table Layout

Design your own floor plan, quickly glance through table availability.

Seat Assignment

Assign seat to each order for fine dining.

Join Table

Join tables together to accommodate larger party.

Table Status

Different colour to represent a table's status.

Customer Tab

Add customer tab to table layout for easier tab management.


Track employees' orders and calculate the commission to be given.


Multiple permissions to prevent employees from acccessing sensitive settings, reports or perform void.

Multiple Language

Choose from 20 languages, and assign as needed to employees.

Void Access

Prevent employee from voiding bill and only allow admin to overwrite.

Employee Sales

Breakdown of employees' performance.

Clock In/Out

Let employees clock in/out and a report shows their total hours worked.

Create Non Login Account

Create account used for clock in/out purpose only, prevent them from entering the point of sale system.

Default Landing Page

Set different landing pages for employees to allow them to work more efficiently.

Discount Limit

Prevent employee from giving a discount over a certain percentage.

Action Log

Log sensitive events like void after reopening bill to identify employee theft.

Queue Number

Print queue number underneath receipt or in an extra ticket.

Receipt Header & Footer Logo

Print your logo or any custom message on the receipt.

Inverse Void Order Printing

Void order to be printed in reverse manner, allowing chef to spot void order easily.

Label Printing

Print label to stick on bubble tea or coffee cup.

Order List Splitting

Print kitchen docket as a whole or split it by order's quantity.

Optional Printing

Choose to print receipt only when it's needed.

Receipt Customisation

Various customisations.

Printer Override

Docket printing to be based on the terminal used to order, sending it to the nearest preparing station instead.

Barcode Label Printing

Print adhesive barcode label to be pasted on product.


Attach an external buzzer to your printer so your chef won't miss an order.

Receipt Details

Deliver receipt & product price to your customer.

Video/Image Slideshow

Run a set of videos or images to showcase your business.

Sign on Screen

Capture your customers' signature by letting them sign on the customer-facing iPad.

Accept Tips

Let your customer choose the tips amount they wish to pay.


Showing you up to date summary of all your business.

Stock Management

Receive low stock notification, generate purchase order and send it out to your supplier to replenish stocks.


Integrate to accounting software or 3rd party solutions like QuickBooks, Xero & Deputy.


Data of iPad is backed up automatically to the cloud, giving you peace of mind.


All reports that are avaiable in the iPad are available on cloud as well.

Menu Management

Manage your category, product item online. Serving as an alternative to the iPad.

Customer Loyalty

Multiple businesses of yours to share a unified customer database online, allowing customers to redeem rewards at any outlet.

Order Online

Have your own dedicated secured website, allow customers to make orders online.

One-stop Platform

Seamlessly integrated with the point of sale. Avoid complicated streamlining processes and tedious manual work when you subscribe to different systems.


Take online pre-order even while your outlet is not operating, giving customers the flexibility to make orders at anytime they wish to.

Time Based Menu

Display menu according to the time of day, hide non delivery item from the menu.

Pricing Level

Sell your product online at a different pricing to cover the cost of delivery.

Table QR Ordering

Using a mobile device of their own, the customer can scan the QR code that is on the table and send their order to your kitchen printer. They can send multiple orders over time and pay at table or at exit.
Note: the QR code adds the table number to the order.

Multiple Payment Methods

Offer your customer different payment methods upon checkout.

Automated Checkout

Online orders will be checked out automatically when paid online. A full hands-off operation lets you focus on things that matter.

Promo Code

Entice your customers with promo codes to get a discount and encourage them to order online.

Inventory Check

Auto disabling of product when inventory reaches zero.

Composite Inventory

Use recipes to track the ingredients used for each product.

Stock Take

Using an iPad/iPhone to perform stocktake wirelessly.

Low Stock Notification

Receive daily update on product which needs to be replenished.

Stock Transfer

Transfer stock to other outlet.

Inventory Count Display

Product inventory count is displayed in menu allowing staff to know what is about to sell out.

Stock Adjustment

Stock in, out or replace the stock count.

Purchase Order

Send purchase order to supplier, and inventories get updated automatically upon receival.

Stock Movement Report

Multiple filters to identify the wastage & discrepancy of each stock.

Manual/Custom Reward

Select the most suitable type of reward for each customer.

Cashback Reward

Award them cashback each time they spend with you.

Member Discount

Regular customer get to enjoy special discount for their purchase.

Customer Loyalty

Keep track of your customer spending, visit frequency and their favourite food.

Automated Reward

Grant customers reward points upon purchasing specific product items.

Member Pricing Level

Configure special pricing level exclusively for members.

Customer Credit

Top up and store credits in their account.

Repeat Orders

Easily ring up the same order from customer's previous receipt.

Comprehensive Report

More than 30 reports to choose from:

X Reading Report, Category Sales, Item Sales, Top Selling, Hourly Sales, Table Sales, Discount Summary, Discount Transaction, Payment, Void, Refund, Pay In/Out, Employee Performance, Employee Commission, Employee Item Sales, Clock In/Out, Action Log, Transaction, Order, Inventory, Stock Movement, Bill of Material, Custody, Custody Inventory, Claimed Custody, Customer Spending, Customer Credit.

Email Report

Quickly share report via email.

Shift Report

Generate report by shift.

API Access

Access raw data using API provided, manipulate data to fit your needs.

Cloud Reporting

All reports offline is available online as well, keeping your data up to the minute.

Report Printout

Print to thermal or A4 sized paper.

Various File Type

Export your report using Excel, PDF or CSV format.

Customizable Display

Adjust font and chit size to suit your conditions.

Printing Order/Bill

Upon completion of order, print an additional docket to go with the order.


Ticket color changes according to the wait time elapsed, highlighting the urgency of it.

Order Summary

Summary of all pending orders, grouping them for bulk preparation.

Split Order by Quantity/Order

Order to display separately based on it's quantity.

Linked Bump

Bumping an order in the first KDS will notify the rest.

Expedite Screen

Bumped orders are sent into an expedite screen, consolidating orders to be served.


Check each order's preparation time and identify the bottle neck of your operation.

Order Sequence Arrangement

Rearrange the sequence of orders within the docket.

Recipe Viewer

Recipe can be displayed for each orders, helping chef to source the ingredient.

Take Order Remotely

Take orders or checkout from any iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.


Each terminal to have its own report, analyze sales information by terminal.

No Server Required

Use an iPad as your main server instead of a traditional back office PC.


Each terminal can have its own customization, displaying different button layout or process flow.

Stock Take

Use additional terminal to perform stock take.


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