Control the inventory, control the profits.

Compensate loyal customers to keep them coming back.
Accumulated reward points can be treated as cash or exchanged for items.

Automated Reward

Grant customers reward points upon purchasing specific product items. Points are calculated automatically and credited to the customer's account upon checkout.

Manual/Custom Reward

Personalize your own method of distributing reward points. Find the most suitable type of reward for different segments of customers.

Cashback Reward

Let members accumulate reward points for every dollar spent at your shop. By doing so, customers will always have unspent rewards which keep them coming back.


Customer Relationship Management

Personalize your treatment towards your customer.

Pricing Level

Configure special pricing levels exclusively for members.

Customer Credit

Allow regular customers to store credit with your business as a gesture of trust. As long as credit balance is sufficient, do not worry about going cashless.

Customer Grouping

Filter your customer with tags, a better way to recognize your customer's spending.


Custody is one approach to maintaining frequent customers. Help customers store their leftovers and keep them coming back.

Customer Database

Build a customer database of your own. Manage all of them in 1 place.

Synced across All Outlets

Your customers enjoy the same privilege regardless of which outlet of yours they visit.

Download/Import Customer Profile through CSV

Easily manipulate your customer data with the CSV files.

Transaction History

Track all your customer's past receipts, to understand their behavior.

Electronic Receipts

Email the receipt to the customers to reduce paper waste.


Customer Loyalty/History

Your loyal customers can reinforce your values to other consumers.

Repeat Order

Easily repeat orders from their favorite or past transactions.

Know their Favorites

Bring your service to the next level by knowing your regular's favorite.

Track their Spending

Filter your customer with tags, a better way to recognize your customer's spending.

When your customers feel valued, they stay loyal to your business.

Member Discount

Let regular customers feel special by assigning member discounts or offer them special prices for items ordered regularly.

Gift Card

Gift cards are a versatile method of boosting revenue. Let your gift cards be a way to portray the identity of your business. Take full control over the creativity of designs while we provide you with features for the cards to function properly.


Ensure your most valuable customers are treated equally at each of your business outlets. Retain loyal customers and keep new customers coming back for more.


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